by Jawzael

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Music: Jawzael

Vocals: Nanzerne
Bass: Marlow Deiter
Guitars: Merta


released January 10, 2019

Nibiri recorded and produced by Merta


all rights reserved



Jawzael Iran

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Track Name: El
In the maze of Mist Patterns
An old demon a king enthroned
By hands of mighty free spirit
A floating eye
In the abysm of vulture region

Thousands of millenniums
On the throne upon the earth
Ashur ... Thou infinity and

Rise up from Sippar
Thou unholy seat
Dancing like Shiva
Destroy ... As kali

Take the Eden to an endless torment
By tremendous storms of a lunatic sun
In your dominion of unholy powers
Hell-fire has framed within ...& Serpent's breath prolonged

My luminous astral collapsing
Deconstruct statue of awareness
Thou shall become the elder one
From the gates of el

Thousands of millenniums
On the underworld's throne
Azazel ... Thou infinity ...
Perceive my inner ascension

Rise up from the darkest ocean
Thou unholy seat
Face the oldest sign of zodiac
Thou diabolic
Track Name: Mare Caspium
To the depth, behind the smoke
Where grey and crimson horizons fade away
Silence jaws and grim liquid waves
Designing my cold enlightenment

Gather under feet of the Runan
Hear the howls of hidden side
Touch and reach out the grace of monks madness

Free wraith out of its deepness
To vast expanse...
The eternal release

The ocean of lifeless stars
That shining to their own death
Behold the Polaris tower
Castle of ancient bloodline

Drown.... In

Free wraith out of its deepness
To vast expanse ...
Comprehend ... And
The eternal release...
Track Name: Heljupiter
Seheru adannu
Sag(dili) shuhadanu na napalus ul

Absu dalkhu ma asar
Anu nasi saruu

Ina gula

Na napalu nebo na inanna
Ina kia ... Ina elena kalu
Immaru asar maqatu

Ina pulhu dilsu
Zi ... Kia ... Ag

Me peta babka / anna anpa
Track Name: Pandemonium Furnace
From extraterrestrial temple of countless man's cadavers
Scourged matter. Devouring all emissions
Demons ... Twirling in the womb of
Stellar ghoul

Horned child
Metamorphoses of that snake to immense mass
Groans heard from distance
Sacrificed man in abdomen, major hell's ray

Elusive desolator
Abnormal mental Deev
Perish thou in the chambers of deceit
In the vault of
Pandemonium ... In the heart of dome

In between invisible rings
Aflame in momentum
The boiling sanity

Descriptions with no tongue, comparison’s funeral
Raise your wings
So eyes of the world will be open

Perfection is watching creatures decay
With prodigious poisoned hand, eliminated
Hell's furnace is warp
Track Name: Nibiri
Letters lay in morbidity
Carved on iron margin O creation
Full of light and shadow

Take a step
By the nail toward thousand parsecs

Time is in misery of silence
A structure in the sky...
On the edge ... So lunacy prevails...

Celestial demons on the world’s vessels
As all fall. In the stream
Hysteria between this arithmetic
Where face turn to ... And
Never having a halt
Starts to march to the defleshed darkening

Frenzy as it comes to collide
Chains are broken by the keeper Sirius
Imperious universally

Calm ... Breath ...possessed
Far from the Surface
To the sun crimson demon / Anu
Dying birth giver...

Rise from your radial grave
Burn this Eden
Fire reaches the last white page ...
In the dawn, dead, in a dream
Track Name: Omen of Fire
I summon every moment and essences of intermediate space
Rebirth of prototype illness, across the all hallucinations
Liberation among the wrathful images
In innermost maze

Transmission to the ultimate singularity
And omens of fire

Arrange stones on stone
Like tree stems
My elation expanding forever
In the heart of blackest dream
And chambers of oblivion

Amorphous embodiment reanimated
Inconceivable morphemes of spiral ghosts
All called by profound form of reticence

From birth to hollow ... An eternity
Track Name: Chasm Abyssm
A wilderness in deep of the blindfull taught (inhuman afterlife)
To manifest beheaded
Putrefying bornless one

Reborn of awakened mind
From beyond within
Internal magma
Burst out ... Erupts...

Our world splits by eyes in the darkness
Portrayal of our wander essence
A golden perception of inset inside
This is the sign,
Diagram from ... Aquarius tract

Reborn of awakened mind
From beyond within
External molten devourer
Helix shape of reality

There is no center in the abyss
There is emptiness inside the paradise core
Death mechanism beating
A wondrous void ... Void (lower)
Track Name: Pulsar Winds
A glare of blinding light
Toward the soil
Flows on disrupted rivers of time

The eyes are closed and dimness a gazed
There's a bonfire
Among nebula

Pulsar winds
Unto my vision

Condemned Reasoning of breathing existence
This axiom
Behind the veil
Exalted burning utopia

Realms of unconscious knowledge
Emerge to climax
By sight or unseen

Pulsate midst the mysterious of matter
Then creates the human's Material
Inverse rebirth illuminated death...

A wall approached ... In ...intensified zenith
Total orb… In mourn
Track Name: Eccentric Hallucination
Whirl ... & observe the cosmic path of obscurity
Behold the gravelike worlds
& overwhelmed reflections
Far from sol glorious

As my paws cover in mirror water
Darkness of my wisdom continues to radiance
My ethereal skull in depth of the shadows
This funeral of existence
Everlasting malign illusion . . .

Immeasurable graves ... Haunted by plundering flesh
Burning symbols, celestial stones, our wild journey of possession
Behind my black halo rapture is alive
Upon pyramid ... The blazing
Knowledge givers...

Emanation of the dead one
Gazes to the ages of inflicted darkness
Finally the black light embraces us
The universe monumental damnation

As my paws cover in mirror blood
My frosted karma whirling in carnivores flame
My ethereal embodiment in depth of the shadows
This funeral of idol
Everlasting malign illusion...

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